Saturday, April 28, 2012

Death To Flying Things Score - 7-20-1 (2 losses)

Just like yesterday, I had Jack minding his own business sitting in a safe spot while using one of my alts to look for valuable cosmic signatures.  I was moving probes around, positioning them just right, grumbling when it turned out to be a grav site and elated to find a radar here and there.  Every once in a while I'd check on Jack to see if any victims had wandered into Ishomilken.

At one point I'm dancing with some rats at a radar site and trying to keep my lone hobgoblin alive (I'm in a helios with room for just one drone) when I hear explosions.  "That's odd," I thought, "Those rats aren't anywhere close enough to be hitting me..."

Oh oh.

Jev North in a merlin had found my obviously misnamed "safe spot"...

I switched back to Jack Dancer's screen, targeted and activated all weapons and laid into Jev North as best I could. It didn't go well.

GFs were exchanged in local and I offered a rematch which Mr. North graciously accepted.

It didn't go well either.

I admitted defeat and didn't ask for 3 out of 5...  I doubt that I'll loll around in "safe spots" afk much more in the future.  Thanks for the lesson Jev!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Death to Flying Things Victory (sorta) - 7-18-1

I was hanging out at a safe spot in Ishomilken while one of my alts was scanning down radar sites in a distant backwater system.  I would check back every once in a while to see if there was anything Jack needed to deal with in a decisive manner.

Sure enough...

[01:36:57] Merry Westminster > up for a 1v1?
[01:37:22] Merry Westminster > yo, BRRC guy, 1v1 or no?
[01:38:25] Merry Westminster > if so, I'm waiting 70 kms off of planet 7

I alertly noticed that there were two pilots in the system with me and they were both in the same corp.  Hmmm...  One in a Thorax and the other not on d-scan.  That might mean trouble in a variety of ways...

[01:39:58] Jack Dancer > Sorry, I have a bit of a sinus headache...
[01:40:27] Jack Dancer > Maybe if there were just one of you...  And it probably won't be much of a fight against my little rifter.  So not worth your time really.
[01:41:17] Merry Westminster > mmk o7
[01:41:53] Jack Dancer > Stop back sometime when you're on your own and I'd happily sacrifice a rifter for the sport.
[01:42:19] Merry Westminster > :)
[01:42:31] Merry Westminster > we can do a true 1v1 if you want
[01:42:43] Merry Westminster > one will fight
[01:42:47] Merry Westminster > other will not
[01:43:08] Jack Dancer > I'd just as soon have the other somewhere else in that case.  Nothing personal.
[01:43:37] the101ace > ok
[01:43:38] Merry Westminster > my friend is leaving to Uuna atm
[01:44:08] Merry Westminster > gone
[01:44:15] Merry Westminster > still a no?
[01:44:31] Jack Dancer > On my way.

We had a fight.

Well, sorta.  Merry Westminster immediately tossed out 5 Vespa EC-600 drones.  Great.  Nothing a bare knuckle Black Rebel brawler like me enjoys more than seeing someone immediately toss out ecm drones...  Yech!  I gritted my teeth and calmly targeted the drones and started knocking them off one by one.  In the meantime I set a 500m orbit around the Thorax and was very happy not to start hearing sirens and warning alarms.  In fact, I wasn't getting hit at all!  The Thorax had Heavy Electron Blaser IIs and the combat log reads a series of:

[ 2012.04.28 01:46:15 ] (combat) Merry Westminster (Heavy Electron Blaster II) misses you
[ 2012.04.28 01:46:17 ] (combat) Merry Westminster (Heavy Electron Blaster II) misses you
[ 2012.04.28 01:46:19 ] (combat) Merry Westminster (Heavy Electron Blaster II) misses you
[ 2012.04.28 01:46:21 ] (combat) Merry Westminster (Heavy Electron Blaster II) misses you
[ 2012.04.28 01:46:23 ] (combat) Merry Westminster (Heavy Electron Blaster II) misses you
[ 2012.04.28 01:46:24 ] (combat) Merry Westminster (Heavy Electron Blaster II) misses you
[ 2012.04.28 01:46:26 ] (combat) Merry Westminster (Heavy Electron Blaster II) misses you

You get the idea.

Nice!  I had three of the ecm drones destroyed and was turning my thoughts to the Thorax when his ecm drones broke my target lock and he warped off.  No surprise.

[01:46:59] Merry Westminster > gf, you won
[01:47:04] Merry Westminster > put that one down :)
[01:47:29] Jack Dancer > Fair enough.  I'll add it to the blog.
[01:47:50] Merry Westminster > thx for the "fight" 07
[01:48:08] Jack Dancer > lol You too.  Stop back in a frigate sometime and we can have a rematch.
[01:48:13] Merry Westminster > yeah man :)
[01:48:19] Jack Dancer > Or in the cruiser.  That's fine too.

So a "win" for the "Death to Flying Things" campaign.  It would have been more interesting if I had managed to keep hold of the Thorax and finished off those darn drones...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Elton John in Nikkishina?

[04:14:50] Mariko Shenji > hooooold me closerrrrrrrr tiny daaaaancer

Burn Jita Burn!

It should be an interesting weekend -

I plan to be in Jita watching the festivities with a new alt in a noob ship.  Being podded will cost nothing and I might even stumble into some valuable wreckage...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Litter Detail Gone Horribly, Horribly Wrong...

I was sitting around Ishomilken and noticed that my scanners were cluttered with junk.  Hammerhead drones, Hornet EC-300 drones, and Combat Scanner probes.  These were the leftovers from a couple fights in the system earlier.  Very inconvenient for scanning targets and so I decided to pick the junk up to get it off the screen.

I narrowed down the locations and headed out.  Sometimes there were several options, so I had a customs office, a moon, a planet and a belt to check.  I was at the first stop doing the checks in that order.  Nothing at the customs office.  Moon was clearn.  Planet empty.  Belt empty.  Except.....

I was immediately webbed and scrambled by a wolf!  I had seen the wolf on scan and knew the pilot was much more experienced than I am, but figured my quick stops would probably be safe.  Wrong.  He obviously saw me warp to the planet/moon/office/belt and landed on the belt to wait for me.  Unlike a previous encounter with a wolf where I came away with a victory - Lars0n made quick work of my rifter.  I exploded.

Death to Flying Things Score: 6-19-1.