Friday, October 25, 2013

Blame it on the Rifter...

When I first read about the EVE Second Decade Collector's Edition, I thought - I'll get it!

Then I read that it was $150.  Hmmm...  Maybe not.

But then, as the release date got closer, I rationalized, "I've been playing this game for almost 3 years and only paid for the first year (when I didn't know any better) - since then I haven't sent a penny to CCP because I've been financing my addiction, errr... passion with PLEX.  It's probably time to send some money to them."

And I thought, "Plus, what could be better than a rifter shaped usb hub?!!?!!"

So ordered it.  And I watched the tracking info as the package made it's way from Georgia (in the US) to Seattle - several days by truck.

But today the wait is over!  It's arrived.

I'm sure you've seen the CCP unboxing video -  - opening the box here at home was pretty much the same...

Great stuff inside the box (I'm a board game fan too - so the Danger Game will be fun to break out with the gaming group on Wednesday night) and lots of in-game loot:

·         1x 30 Day Pilot License Extension
·         1x Genolution Core Augmentation CA-1 Implant
·         1x Genolution Core Augmentation CA-2 Implant
·         1x Women's 'Excursion' Pants (black/gold line) Apparel
·         1x Women's 'Minima' Heels (gold) Apparel
·         1x Women's 'Executor' Coat (green/gold) Apparel
·         1x Men's 'Commando' Pants (blue) Apparel
·         1x Men's 'Trench' Boots (gray) Apparel
·         1x Men's 'Street' Shirt (white) Apparel
·         1x Women's 'Function' Shirt (white) Apparel
·         1x Men's 'Esquire' Coat (silver) Apparel
·         1x SPZ-3 "Torch" Laser Sight Combat Ocular Enhancer (right/black) Apparel
·         1x Tash-Murkon Magnate Ship
·         1x A piece of Steve Special Edition Assets
·         1x Band of Brothers Director Access Key Special Edition Assets
·         1x Press pass to Prometheus Station opening Special Edition Assets
·         1x Lost reminder to pay sov bill Special Edition Assets
·         1x Assassination Contract: Mirial Special Edition Assets
·         1x Premier ticket for: The last G campaign Special Edition Assets
·         1x Premier ticket for: Clear Skies Special Edition Assets
·         1x Premier ticket for: Day of Darkness Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament I: Band of Brothers Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament II: Band of Brothers Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament III: Band of Brothers Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament III: Cult of War Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament IV: HUN Reloaded Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament IV: Star Fraction Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament V: Ev0ke Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament VI: Pandemic Legion Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament VII: Pandemic Legion Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament VIII: Pandemic Legion Special Edition Assets
·         1x Gnosis Blueprint - 5 runs Blueprint
·         1x Genolution 'Auroral' AU-79 Implant
·         1x Alliance Tournament IX: HYDRA RELOADED and 0utbreak Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament X: Verge of Collapse Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament I: KAOS Empire Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament III: Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament IV: Pandemic Legion Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament V: Triumvirate Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament VIII: HYDRA RELOADED Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament VI: R.U.R. Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament IX: Darkside. Special Edition Assets
·         1x Alliance Tournament X: HUN Reloaded Special Edition Assets

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tristan Tristan!

I had a slasher in Heild so I clone jumped there from the Solitude low sec backwater that I had been roaming unsuccessfully for a couple days.  Actually I was going to jump my clone to another one in null sec - but I hit the wrong button...

Like I was saying, I had a slasher in Heild and jumped in it to head back to Auner - something like 18 jumps through low sec.  It was pretty uneventful - nothing really around and when I got to the Metropolis faction warfare there were either empty plexes or plexes full of nasty ships that would shrug off my slasher without a second thought.

I continued on.

Eventually I was just a couple jumps from home in Auner and spotted a tristan owned by  Shiva Makoto in a FW plex.  Tristans can be tough nuts to crack with all of those drones.  But it was time to have a fight, so I turned everything up to 11 and headed in.  One of the things turned up to 11 was my tracking disruptor (the slasher has 4 medium slots and I stick a tracking disruptor with an optimal range script).  It can be magic against ships with guns (and is worthless against ships with rockets or missiles) - so I'm always looking for a gunship when flying these slashers.  The tristan sorta filled that bill, but it also had 5 drones that would not be affected by the tracking disruptor.

But again, I degress.

I hit the jump gate and landed in the plex right on top of the tristan that had hobgoblin IIs hovering around him already and he appeared not the least bit surprised by my arrival.  I asked my tristan to orbit at a comfortable distance to hopefully mitigate some of the damage the tristan's 2 autocannons would be doing.

At this point comes the question about whether to shoot the drones or the ship.  I have a rule that I follow in answering this question - if it's a frigate shoot the ship, if it's bigger then shoot the drones.  It may not be a good rule, but it's the one I use to simplify things.

I targeted the ship.

It didn't go especially well, or especially badly.  I was doing damage and had him repairing his armor.  He was doing the same to me.  But to a greater effect.  It was pretty clear from early on that the drones were tearing into me enough that I wouldn't survive.

And I didn't.

GFs were exchanged in local and I headed in my pod the two jumps back to Auner.

I looked over the ships in the hangar and noticed an old rifter that I hadn't flown in a long time.  I hopped in and looked around the system.  There were two or three ships in a couple of the FW plexes and nothing that looked like a good fight.

I went back to trying to figure out why my iPod was suddenly giving me a "Connection Lost" error whenever I tried to use Facetime(tm).  I also flew my explorer around looking for profitable Gurista DED sites.

45 minutes later, after having not solved the Facetime(tm) problem and having conquered one Gurista Scout Outpost (4/10) that yielded a few million in the drop (I've been on a dry spell lately with the drop gods...), I headed out of the station in the rifter.  And look who was there - Shiva Makoto.  The same Shiva Makoto that killed my slasher two systems away.

I, of course, turned everything up to 11 and headed to the plex where he (and his tristan) were no doubt waiting for me again.

This time there would be no silly tracking disrupting or speed tanking.  This rifter was built for damage and survival (3x 200mm autocannon IIs, a rocket launcher, 200mm of reinforced rolled tungsten, and an armor repairer II - all pretty standard for a rifter).

I set a close orbit, ignored the hobgoblins whizzing around my ship, and started pounding the tristan with top of the line Republic Fleet Phased Plasma ammo and Caldari Navy Inferno Rockets.  It was hurting the tristan plenty.

This time I was ahead right from the start in the damage race.  He went into armor first and then into structure.  I was ahead!  But not actually by that much...  My armor repairer to doing its best to keep up but I was soon into structure.  He was even further into structure.  I'd pull back a little armor to give me some breathing room - but his next blast would immediately destroy that armor and also some of my hull.

I kept pounding him and was never behind.  But never far ahead.

Eventually, the tristan exploded!  I was smoking from all parts of the ship.  Of my once beautiful ship, only 44 hitpoints (out of an original 3000+?) were still intact.  Shields were destroyed.  Armor was 100% destroyed.  Structure was at 9% intact.  And my guns were at 92% heat damage.  It was a very, very close fight...

***Addendum - I ran across Shiva Makoto an hour after that second fight.  He was finishing an FW plex in Auner and when he was done we had the rubber match - the 2 out of 3 determiner.  It didn't go well and  my rifter was destroyed.  Shiva Makoto noted that he had forgotten to overheat his afterburner in the previous fight and had lost range control.  I had not overheated my afterburner in this fight because of the damage the heat does to it and to adjacent modules - but maybe I should in the future.  I see that the rifter is a faster ship than the tristan, so overheating would have let me get close instead of being held at 4000+ km...