Monday, August 6, 2012

Damn Those Incursuses!

I've been spending time out in NPC null sec recently with my explorer looking for shiny loot.  Without much luck, but with a lot of paranoia.  It's been fun.

Tonight I decided to see what trouble Jack Dancer might get into and left the station at Heild in one of my shield rifters.  No one was around and the constellation was in the midst of an incursion, so I headed for the 2/10 DED to see about at least killing some rats.  That went well (though there were a lot of them) and as I was finishing up the first room I saw a challenge in local:

     Jaa-Ko Arakal > hey jack frig 1v1?

I gave the answer every Black Rebel would give -

     Jack Dancer > Sure.  Give me a second.

As I approached the station to repair and refit I saw that Jaa-Ko was flying an Incursus.  I recently had a Very Bad Experience(tm) with an Incursus and decided to change things up this time.  I loaded barrage so that I could stay away from those nasty lasers.  I set my orbit range for 4k and hoped to do better this time.

Jaa-Ko offered to fleet up and I warped to him at a safe spot.  It wasn't very safe for either of us for very long - I immediately set about my plan to orbit at 4k+ (with the afterburner it should be even a bit more) and started pummeling him with barrage ammunition.  The new plan didn't go well and I think I might know a few of the reasons...

I remember hitting the big red AUTOCANNONS and MISSILES buttons, but I don't actually remember turning on the web, scrambler, and afterburner (those are smaller buttons...).  It's possible that I wasn't slowing Jaa-Ko down and wasn't flying with my afterburner to keep range and make myself harder to hit.  Especially since I see that his Light Neutron Blaster IIs were hitting me with about 300 damage!

In the end, it was too much incoming damage and not enough outgoing and I blowed up while Jaa-Ko was still in armor.

We exchanged GFs in local, he generously offered to return the loot from my wreck (which I declined - he won it fair and square), and we talked about our ships and the fight.  He mentioned that he's applying to join the Black Rebels and I would certainly like to have his Incursus in blue on my overview rather than flashing red from this experience.  I give him a thumbs up for membership.

Death to Flying Things Score: 13-25-1