Sunday, November 17, 2013

This Weekend's Checklist - CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!

  1. Find out that if a freighter is mistakenly sent to low sec on autopilot, it doesn't automatically stop at the first gate with that pop-up screen saying, "This is dangerous, do you really want to do it?"  If you're dumb enough to use autopilot, Eve Online figures you get what you deserve.

  2. Discover that paying more than 300m for insurance on an Obelisk freighter that "I'll never lose" (see 1. above) was actually a pretty good idea.  I got a 1 billion isk insurance payment when it blew up.

  3. Realize that I'm a very bad pilot when it comes to flying in big RvB fleets out to shoot CCP noobs.  Can't find the guy I'm supposed to anchor to (orbit around apparently).  Didn't know how to "assign" drones. Overview doesn't have fleet mates to warp to when they're buzzing around a battleship more than 150k away  - and when I change to a different overview to show everyone, there's a Very Good Chance(tm) that I'll warp to the target and then start shooting a fleet mate rather than the battleship everyone else is shooting...

Overall, a weekend chock full of learning experiences...

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