Monday, November 7, 2016

Changes, changes, changes...

After a very happy time in the Signal Cartel Corporation, a fantastic group of explorers that are great fun, Jack Dancer decided to try something different.  Faction Warfare (aka FW).

I listen to several podcasts and have heard Ashterothi and Kirith Kodachi talk about their FW corporation, Aideron Robotics  on their podcasts Hydrostatic and Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah respectively.  Besides having a nifty name, I thought that Aideron Robotics sounded like something I'd be interested in.  I gathered that it was a mature, smallish, close-knit bunch that enjoyed small fleet activities and the general excitement of FW.

So I joined and everything, so far, has been as advertised.

We have a website (linked above), Discord(tm) for breaking information, and Teamspeak 3(tm) for communications during online activities.  I've been having fun learning about the mechanics of FW - how these sites (both defensive and offensive) work and what there is to do.  As a pirate I always was mystified about why my prey (or more often what turned out to be my doom) were lingering in them...

Last night Kirith Kodachi led his weekly Sunday evening fleet of about 15 (plus and minus one or two on several occasions) on a two hour roam of the neighborhood around our home is Fliet.  Our fleet of destroyers (with some logistic support) picked up a few kills and lost a few of the logis along the way.  I managed to get on only two of the kills (I'm not fast enough with sending out my drones to help with damage from long range...).  The first was a claymore worth about half a billion isk and the second was a gila worth about 300 million isk.  Wow.  After years of fighting rifters, these were eye-openers...

The corporation has at least 3 regularly scheduled fleets in the evenings and I hope to fly with them whenever I can.

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