Sunday, October 18, 2015

Never Safe in Eve...

It was my understanding (and experience) that having an align time of under 2 seconds makes me safe when I'm flying my interceptors.  Apparently not, or maybe I'm confused about how quick my ship really is (that might be more likely...).

I was moving a Stiletto back from high sec via a wormhole towards my base in Stain when I came on a Svipul sitting on a gate.  No problem.  I've been yellow boxed lots of times and never caught yet.  So I picked the next gate and hit warp.  Red Flashing Lights!  Sirens!  Explosions!


I chatted with Glorhs Semah afterwards and asked if I had done anything wrong.  Apparently not - he's just quick to lock.  Looking at his killboard, I see that I'm in good company (even another Signal Cartel corpmate right before me...).

Fortunately, it had been a good morning for relic sites, so the loss was covered several times over by the loot I had sold in Amarr an hour earlier.

Mr. Semah is now on my watchlist and I'll be more careful when I see he's around.

Postscript:  Noene Drops (the Signal Cartel pilot that was caught by Glorhs Semah an hour before me) pointed me to some interesting viewing and reading...  Thanks!

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  1. Jack,

    There are a number of these Insta-lock Alpha Svipuls around.

    Your stiletto might theoretically have less than a 2 sec align time, which according to the maths should see you right. But that maths relies on a fast ping speed. If your not sitting in London actually achieving the round trip communication speeds required to ensure "safe" warp before anyone can lock you is difficult.