Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Death to Flying Things Score - 4-17-1

Not much to say about this one.  I'm rusty (which, when starting with a low skill level, makes for a bad combination) and got into a fight with a couple experienced members of Gunboat Diplomacy in better ships than my rifter (2x Vengeance).

I've been thinking that I need to start shooting more stuff and letting a few of my rifters die a fiery death.  So when Duke and Areolae said they were following Vanderie to the plex site in Heild, I quickly volunteered to join them.  I landed to see not just Vanderie but also his pal Krole just 10km away.

I should have turned and run before they could snarl my warpdrive (Duke and Areolae have more sense than me...), but instead I attacked.  Bad idea.  A few seconds later (after not turning on the armor repper until the armor was practically gone - remember, I'm rusty...).  I was in my pod.

Then I again made a bad mistake.  I didn't have a destination selected for warping my pod and in the time it took to select one I had my warp drive scrambled and then woke in the infirmary in Auner.

Nuf said about this "fight"...  Killmails here and here to satisfy your morbid sense of curiosity.


  1. Sorry Jack, I warped in at range just to survey the situation. When I saw you land at the gate, I started burning for ya but I couldn't get there in time. Areolae and I did get a solid butt kicking from them later at the sun. Krole had dual faction reps and booster assists no doubt.

    I went back to scoop your corpse and ran into Silver in a Wolf. I never see him in frigs so I went for it and got jumped into a 1v2.

    So I don't know that I have more sense than anyone... :D


    Thanks for trying. Having a Jack Dancer corpse around would be comforting...

    And I'm fine with losing the rifter - I have to get more comfortable with these fights so even being on the losing end was a step in the right direction (compared to my usual dallying around without getting a fight...).

    Thanks again for the excitement!