Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Trails Taurean!

Today I read on Flight of Dragons that Taurean Eltanin has retired from Eve.  His contribution to my experience with this game has been huge.  After reading his experiment with buying 20 punishers and using them in PvP to learn and grow I got the courage to try the same thing with an unlimited number of rifters.  It’s been a hoot and it all started with reading his blog.

And I’m not alone. 

On the forums when new players ask about getting into PvP they are almost always advised to use the “Taurean Eltanin Method” – buy a bunch of frigates and get them blown up to see what you can learn.  It’s excellent advice.  Taurean has inspired me and many like me to have fun and not worry about the loses.

Conversely, these computer games can be like an addiction and wreck havoc with homelife (having started with playing Zork on a Commodore 64 - I have plenty of experience...).  I’ve seen it personally and try (sometimes not totally successfully) to balance gameplay with family.  But, for many, going cold turkey is probably a very good idea.  Real Life is more important than Internet Spaceships.  Every time.  

Happy Trails Taurean!

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