Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nullsec Feud!

Well, that was interesting. 

A few days ago I was putting together another top secret rifter when I noticed that I needed a particular module.  I was sitting in Hek and opened up the market screen.  There's the cheapest one!  I'll buy it.  Then I wondered why it wasn't in my inventory.  But only for a couple seconds - this has happened before (many times before...).  And the answer is always the same - I didn't look at the location of the item and it was somewhere else in the region and now I own it while it sits in a faraway station.

Sure enough - the item of interest was in Hodroid.  About a dozen jumps away.  Instead of fetching it immediately, I bought another one of the modules (this time paying a higher price to get it at the Hek station) and decided to head over to Hodroid sometime later to pick up the stray purchase.

Last night I was looking for something to do and decided to make the journey.  The trip was without any excitement of note and I put the module in my rifter's cargo hold.

I have some system-wide purchase orders on various items so I looked to see if any of these purchases might have been close by.  Sure enough in the low sec system next door (Konora) was a bunch of faction ammo and some other shiny modules that would look good installed in a rifter.

I jumped to Konora.  Hmmm...  Busy place.  Very busy place.  95 in local - that's a lot for a low sec system (usually I expect 2 or 3 with a max of a dozen).  I was undeterred - I'm flying a rifter so I worry about nothing!  Bring 'em on!

I headed to the station that had my goods.  As I arrived I noticed a gazillion flashy ships crowding around the station.  Well, maybe 30 or 40 of them.  This doesn't look good... 

Somehow I managed to land safely (I'm sure they didn't want to mess with a mighty rifter - or more likely they've read this blog and were afraid of me...).  I found the station packed with about the same number of pilots - all members of a nullsec alliance.  I looked and all those ships outside the station - they were members of a rival nullsec alliance.


It turns out Konora is the low sec system next to the Great Wildlands nullsec space and I had managed to drop into the middle of a feud - Hatfields in the station and McCoys waiting outside (or vice versa).

My simple solution was to spend some time reading the amusing comments in local and then head to bed.  This morning I counted and the pilots in station matched the number of pilots in local (within one or two) - so I hopped into the rifter and headed back to the safety of high sec space. 

I survived.

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