Friday, February 24, 2012

Operation Stealth Bomber

Damn you CCP!  I read yesterday that CCP is again offering the “Power of Two” promotion – six month’s of a new account in return for 3 PLEX.  This is the one that I took advantage of a while ago to add a second account so that Jack Dancer and my Explorer/Missioner could both train at the same time and I’d have some extra traders to bring in the isk.  It’s worked out fine and I’m happy with the arrangement.

But now they’ve offered the deal again.  Just as I have been toying with the idea of training a stealth bomber character to head to null sec and try to cause some havoc ala Sir Livingston.  And I’ve wanted to try Planet Interaction with a character devoted to that line of work.  So the temptation is too great.  I’ll have to get a third account to train for these new endeavors. 

And it works out pretty well.  I’ll get this account to train a stealth bomber pilot and a PI expert and then in a couple months (when the first “Power of Two” six months runs out and hopefully the stealth bomber will be flying competently) I’ll transfer Jack Dancer to join these two characters in this account and cancel that other account with those two 1-day-of-training traders left in it. 

My two accounts will then consist of these six professions:
  1. Jack "Pirate Extraodinaire" Dancer
  2. Mission Runner/Explorer
  3. Jita $tation Trader
  4. Hauler/Salvager
  5. Stealth Bomber Pilot
  6. PI Expert
Unfortunately, due to recently purchasing some very shiny modules and ships for my mission runner and some very shiny implants for Jack Dancer, I don’t have the 1.5 billion isk needed for 3 PLEX.  I have about half that in ready funds and the rest invested in purchase orders, stock waiting to sell, or salvaged materials. 

With the finances evaluated and fiscal goals set, it was time to start Operation Stealth Bomber. 

All three of my traders were given revised and aggressive sales targets.  All stock is being liquidated regardless of thin profit margins. The traders were also all taken on a tour of the biomassing facilities to give them an extra incentive to meet their income targets (though the fates of two of them is already sealed – but don’t mention that or it might lower their morale…).  

My hauler/salvager has been given clear instructions to empty his overflowing warehouses.  Junk is piled to the ceiling.  He’s to sell anything worth over 100k per unit and refine the rest into base metals – and then sell the results.  Everything goes, or he does!

My explorer/missioner has been instructed to search only for 3/10 and 4/10 DED sites during weeknights to find valuable faction drops.  On the weekends, when competition for exploration sites is greatest, he’s to do level 4 missions until he starts bleeding from the ears in boredom.

And finally, Jack Dancer has been told that the implants currently in his head should stay in his head.  He’s free to blow up as many rifters as he wants, but replacement implants are not part of the deal.  He’s to hit the “Align to Celestial” button and start spamming warp when he first reaches armor in order to save his pod…

Business will be back to normal once the three PLEX are purchased.

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