Sunday, July 10, 2011

Death to Flying Things Campaign Update...

It's been a busy weekend for me - but not for Jack Dancer.  I did manage a few minutes to fly around looking for trouble, and I maybe possibly almost caught up to an exequror on a belt.  But didn't.  I'm getting comfortable with d-scan though.

And I was on grid with a possible victim in my Death to Flying Things campaign.  But unfortunately, it was on the Fasse side of the Ney/Fasse gate and the target was actually two drakes and two harbingers.  Maybe I should have thrown caution to the wind and attacked the nearest camper and taken them down one by one.  But it would have ended very badly very quickly and I'm not sure it would have been much of a learning experience...

Otherwise, there was a lot of flying around, shooting a few rats on belts to get better acquainted with the SS Henry Spencer's abilities, and not a lot of excitement.  Basically, business as usual...


  1. Nice blog not far behind you in rl age terms so it's good to hear from a cough more mature gamer.


  2. Another one of the Black Rebel Rifter's is Lhorenzho who has mentioned spending time with a grandchild (a Very Good Sign of an experienced gamer)... He has a blog here:

    There might be more of us mature gamers playing Eve than we might imagine. It's nice that it usually doesn't take any of those fast twitchy muscles to play. And the huge number of options for activities in Eve can only help encourage play by a wide group of players.

    There's even a corp for 30+ year old players - The Jolly Codgers - that's pretty popular and active.

    Thanks for the comment!