Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's Jack Dancer! Run Away! Run Away!

Well, this is a first.  Someone that didn't want to face the wrath of Jack Dancer's Rifter!

I was cruising around Ravarin looking for trouble.  With five strange (and I do mean strange!) faces staring back at me in the local channel I had hopes of some excitement.  I flew to my safe spot about 300k from the Stegette gate to see what might be lurking around that exit and there was a Crusader flown by Stridsflypla_ (I've not included the last letter of his name to protect his identify in this account of his shameful conduct).  I sat and waited and the Crusader headed my way.  Excellent!

I overheated everything and cleared the decks for combat!

It turns out a Crusader can go fast.  Really fast.  He was moving along at about 4.5k as he approached and when he got within about 50k of me I headed towards him at my max velocity of about 1k.  Death to Crusaders!

But I couldn't get within 20k of him.  Try as I might - he kept the range and I chased after him.  For about 2 minutes.  He ran and I chased.

Eventually, I warped back to the gate and went on my way confident that this Crusader pilot was suffering from a bad case of Rifter Fear.

***Postscript - a couple days later I saw this same pilot in a gatecamp with some of the other familiar locals - so it's possible that he was stalling for time with me until the rest of his gang could arrive...

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