Wednesday, July 20, 2011

T2 Tank!

My alt's endeavors at station trading have been so successful that I'm giving Jack Dancer additional security - a T2 Tank!  Yes, he'll be flying with a Damage Control II and an Armor Repairer II from now on.  Very comforting.  I have enough of them in a Jita warehouse to handle Jack's loses for the next few weeks easily.  Might as well use them.

I also have a big pile of T2 150mm autocannons and about 100,000 rounds of barrage ammunition sitting in the warehouse - but that's going to wait. 

From what I understand (and this might be far off base) the big advantage of barrage ammo is that it gives me more options for range than the EMP S that I'm currently using - it will cause damage from much further away (where EMP S can't even touch the target).  I think, for now, I'll stick with "orbit at 500 meters" (and not worry about range) to keep things relatively simple while I lose a few more ships. 

With the T2 Tank I'm hoping that my Rifters survive longer to give me a bit more time to see what's going on.  I'm the first to admit that in these dogfights I'm often at a loss about what's happening and what I should be paying attention to.  But each one has gotten a bit less confusing - hopefully a good sign.  And I'm having a blast roaming around and occasionally finding fights.  No complaints here!

Which brings me to what has turned out to be the general theme in this blog.  I'm in total admiration of those that can choose from various victories when writing up a blog entry.  They are great fun to read.  I, on the other hand, by default am taking a different tack (obviously!) and giving hope to those of you not killing everything you meet - there's someone out there (ME!) even more inept than you are!  At least right now.

But I'm learning and I'm sure the future will bring a plethora of killmails and victorious blog entries.  Or maybe just more of the same confused Rifter destruction for your entertainment...  Either way, like I said, I'm having a great time!

Fly erratically!

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