Friday, July 8, 2011

Personal Death to Flying Things Campaign!

So I counted things up in the hangar (it's been getting pretty crowded in there lately - hard to walk around) and it looks like I have about 50 rifter hulls and plenty of equipment for them sitting around.  On the other side of the equation, I've only managed to lose 2 rifters in combat and have no victories yet.

It's time to work my way through those rifters before they start to rust. 

My new policy is no longer to go out just searching for reasonable targets (like industrials and other T1 frigates) but to go out and find any target.  I'll search every low sec system from belt to belt.  I'll sit on top belts waiting for challengers.  I'll hunt rats on belts until someone comes along to stop me.  I'll search for anomolies and fight rats until disturbed by pvp foes.

Anyone found away from a gate or station in low sec will be fair game for the SS Henry Spencer (and it's successors).  I don't care how scary their name might sound!  Apocalypse, Slicer, Dominix, Hurricane, Crucifier, Armageddon, Cockroach, Worm!  Bring them on!  Face the wrath of the SS Henry Spencer's mighty 150mm (T1) autocannons' fury!

Death to flying things!


  1. Good luck! A most excellent plan ....


  2. If nothing else, it's going to give me plenty of practice in trying to get my pod to safety...

  3. When I was flying a Punisher and ships only cost me a couple million isk each, I attacked anything I could get on grid with outside of sentry guns. While I lost plenty of ships doing it, I also managed a couple of solo kills against Cruisers that I truly didn't expect to go my way. More importantly, I learned a lot about the capabilities of my ship and how PvP mechanics worked and those are lessons I'm still finding useful to this day.

  4. Exactly my expectation. A lot of it for me (and probably for other new PvPers) is getting over the fear of losing ships by attacking out of class foes. I'll get there eventually. Thanks for the comment!