Saturday, March 31, 2012

1 Drake < 2 Rifters

Yuzuki Katayangi and I fleeted up after the punisher fight and had a fun time in Ishomilken.  There were several targets (some big, some small) and we either fled from the big ones or scared the small ones away.  Eventually we tracked a drake flown by xxNorbixx to a belt and Yuzuki landed his rifter and held him down.

I arrived shortly after and orbited close while pounding the battlecruiser with projectiles.  I knew that drakes are famous for their defensive capabilities - so I didn't know how long this would take.  As it turned out, it was just a bit less than 3 minutes.

For me, it was an easy fight.  Yuzuki was targeted, so I took no damage at all.  Just orbit and shoot!  Nice!  The drake steadily lost shields, armor, and hull and then he blowed up good.

Looking at the killmail, it wasn't a very robustly fitted drake - only one non-tech I module.  But a drake kill by two rifters is still great fun.  Thanks again Yuzuki!

We then continued looking for trouble (along with Kaeda Maxwell who joined our fleet) - but no other kills resulted and I lost nothing other than some dents in my shields and armor.  But we were seriously outgunned in a couple spots and I believe a rifter, wolf, and cormorant are missing at the hands of our enemies during this period.

A fun morning!

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