Saturday, March 31, 2012

Death to Flying Things Campaign Victory \o/ - 5-18-1

Up early on a cold rainy Seattle morning to do some trading in Jita and carousing in Ishomilken.  Both were successful.

A punisher owned by AKAHUKU JP was flying around Ishomilken.  I almost caught him at a belt but he warped off - into the arms of fellow Rebel Yuzuki Katayanagi at a gate.  Yuzuki's rupture gave him some damage but he jumped and was gone (that's why Yuzuki shows up on the killmail - but the punisher was repaired when our fight started).

A few minute later AKAHUKU JP was back and I offered him a 1v1.  I asked Yuzuki to not interrupt us (Black Rebel Rifter Club members honor 1v1s always...).  I warped to a planet and AKAHUKU JP did too.  The fight was on.

All went well.  In fact, this was by far the longest fight I've been involved in (2 1/2 minutes according to the combat log).  I was fitted with 3 autocannons and a nosferatu instead of a missile launcher.  So my damage wasn't as much as it could be.  But I was hoping to have a bit more time for my armor repper with the added cap from the nos.  As it turned out, that might have been a Very Good Idea(tm).  In the killmail I see that our two ships were almost identically fitted - the punisher has an extra low and one less mid slot so he had an adaptive nano plating instead of a web.  The rigs were also a bit different.

The punisher and my rifter were orbiting close.  We were slamming projectiles into each other and at first I was ahead.  He hit armor while I was still comfortably in shields.  But then things seemed to stall (probably the effect of his extra nano plating).  I continued to pour hot phased plasma into his armor, but it was my turn to start losing.  I passed him and hit my hull before he did.  It was looking bad.

And then that ominously pleasant voice said, "The capacitor is empty".

I clicked on a celestial and prepared to warp my pod away after the all too familiar explosion.  But I kept up the fight and suddenly things started going my way again.  I wasn't receiving damage and the punisher was quickly dropping through his hull.  I was winning!

A few seconds later, the punisher exploded!  \o/

Looking at the combat log I see that suddenly his damage dropped precipitously and he even missed on about 6 out of 8 shots at that critical period.  Being generally unaware, I'm not sure what happened.  Range?  He burned out his guns?  Something else?  Whatever it was, I flew away with an empty capacitor and 39% of my hull intact (forgetting the loot - I'm not comfortable with this "victor" side of the equation yet...  I returned for it after repairing).

My battle execution wasn't flawless.  I had a bit of a problem during the fight with overheating.  I discovered that the new on/off toggle of overheating is NOT control/click but actually shift/click.  I was worried about overheating and kept clicking control/click to turn it off to no effect - in fact, that just turns the module off and on!  YOW!  Eventually I got things working, but it did cause me to turn off the nos for a portion of the fight and the punisher wasn't as webbed and scrambled as it should have been for a good portion of the fight either.

But, in the end, it was a victory in my personal Death to Flying Things campaign.  Thanks to AKAHUKU JP for a fun fight and to Yuzuki Katayanagi for standing by (he flew in to observe but didn't participate) during the excitement.


  1. Nice one Jack. The turn of events probably occurred because when you aligned out you pulled range on him. I assume you have ambit rigs installed so you had better range than he did. Plus your ACs are damage bonused and his aren't so even beyond falloff you'd do more damage than him.

  2. Makes sense. As is my usual modus operandi - whatever happens during these fights is pretty much of a mystery to me (though I'm occasionally getting better at unraveling the clues...).

    Thanks Duke!