Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hello Armtoe!

It's amazing for as scary as low sec seems to those that never go there ("You'll die for sure!") how quiet it can be.  I traveled around a dozen systems tonight - most of them totally empty and never saw anyone, much less get an opportunity for a fight.  I poked around the belts, constantly hitting the D-scan, looking for trouble but never found it.  I did notice a jaguar cleverly named "rifter" so I changed the name of my rifter to "jaguar" to balance things out...

The high point was in Kenobanala where local suddenly perked up with, "o/  Jack Dancer  ur the guy with the blog?"  A friendly chat ensued with the speaker, Armtoe, but no pew pew (I offered to take him on 1v1 if he was flying that helios on d-scan...).  Armtoe pointed out that I haven't been posting enough (I agreed) and offered the advice that I should type faster.  Much appreciated.

Armtoe, this post is for you!

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