Sunday, March 25, 2012

God Save the Cormorant!

I was in Ishomilken making some safes and checking out their scanning qualities when a cormorant (it's a destroyer) popped up on D-scan.  I shifted to 15 degrees and started checking out the belts (what better way to see if the safe was nicely placed?).  Sure enough he was at planet V belt 1.  As I'm enroute to the belt Salisar Salubrious (nice name!) pipes up on the corp channel that there's a destroyer ratting.  I let him know that the ratter is at V-1 and that I'm heading there.

I land 15k away from the ratter, Andrew Gagnon (of a corp named "Christian United Servants On Eve" - the religious branch of the Black Rebel Rifter Club?  Probably not...), and immediately fumble for the targeting button (it's been a while...).  No luck.  Just a couple seconds later he's warped away.  I'm not sure if he saw me and fled or if it was just bad timing on my part and he was already moving to another belt.  I'm thinking it might have been bad timing because Salisar reported that our target was at planet VII belt 1.  Certainly not what one would expect so shortly after escaping Pirate Jack Dancer's clutches!  But possibly he was praying that he would be safe...

I immediately headed for the new destination and landed on top of him.  Salisar was apparently there first - with my top rate combat skills that sort of thing sometimes escapes my notice and it did this time...  I hit all the buttons, opened fire, and remembered belatedly to orbit up close.  I was amazed at how much damage I was doing and that he never hit me at all.  God was on my side!  Of course, with a clearer head, I now realize that most of the damage was done by Salisar and all of the incoming damage was no doubt heading Salisar's direction.

But whatever.

It was a fun fight.  The cormorant went Boom! and I remembered to scoop the loot this time (which Salisar and I agreed would be deposited in the corps hangar on Ishomilken for use by our fellow Rebels).

gf's were exchanged in local.  Well, they were exchanged by Salisar and me.  Our victim was silent.

A fun fight.  Not a counter in my "Death to Flying Things Campaign" due to it not being my usual 1v1 suicide mission - but a fun time and a chance to get back into combat.

After the fight, while my GCC was cooling down, I jumped through a wormhole (my explorer alt had stopped by Ishomilken earlier to scan down some sites - they make excellent safe spots after they de-spawn) into Class 1 wormhole space.  It was uneventful - J140135 was the number and there was one anomaly called "Perimeter Camp" (which I didn't mess with) and a bunch of Pos's (Poses?  Posii?).  I remembered to bookmark the exit wormhole when I arrived inside, so I was able to find my way home safe and sound.

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